Fully insured, licensed and bonded to ensure your materials and equipment are covered.

Standardized drug testing and background checks with TSA clearance for our staff members.

No sub-contractors for absolute staff accountability.

Our drivers are trained for comprehension in specimen integrity and exposure control, safety procedures for the transport of diagnostic specimens, OSHA safety standards, patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. Mandatory annual renewal certifications are strictly enforced.

Our drivers has TSA clearance and Hazmat endorsements for transporting hazardous materials.

Our exclusivity to the medical profession means that we are fully equipped and prepared to handle any refrigerated or frozen materials requiring specific care for transportation.



Advanced medical courier management software for complete control and immediate response for
time sensitive materials.

POD signature capture.

Advanced route optimization software and GPS.

Online ordering for added convenience and efficiency.




Different clients has their own specific needs and requirements. We provide the flexibility of using various vehicle sizes. Our line of vehicles includes: small hatchbacks, pickup trucks with shells, minivans, and box trucks with liftgates. The various vehicle options allows us to provide special rates to match your company’s specific needs. This ensures maximize savings towards your bottom line.